Brandeis University

Educ 155B: Education and Social Policy (Lecturer, Spring 2023)

The K-12 public school system has been called many things: a panacea, a dinosaur, a system of oppression, a driver of economic power, a force for social change, a travesty. In this course we will consider how K-12 education policy in the United States is formulated, implemented, and funded; the history and evolution of key policies that define our education systems today; debates and competing interests in education policymaking; and the intersections of education and other social policy areas (such as housing, health, and immigration). Special attention will be paid to topics including charter schools, standards/accountability, English learners, teachers’ unions, and the parents’ rights movement.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

S057: Using Data in Organizations (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Carrie Conaway, Spring 2021)

S040: Introduction to Applied Data Analysis (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Joe McIntyre, Hadas Edelman, Shane Tutweiler, Fall 2016, 2017, 2018)

S052: Applied Data Analysis (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Andrew Ho, Spring 2016)

A205: Microeconomics: A Policy Tool for Educators (Teaching Fellow, Prof. Eric Taylor, Fall 2015)